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Whitening Instructions for At-Home Procedure

At-Home Procedure:

1. Brush and floss teeth prior to inserting trays.

2. Dispense a small bead or drop of product along the front surfaces of the teeth to be whitened inside the tray reservoir.

3. Insert trays into mouth making sure they are seated all the way. Wipe off excess product from gums with clean finger or tooth brush. Note: if you are wiping away a lot of excess, you are dispensing too much product into the trays. There is enough product in the 4 tubes too last at least for 2 weeks. Most patients still have enough for touch-ups.

4. Leave trays in place for 1-2 hours. Do not eat or drink while trays are in your mouth.

5. After 1-2 hours, remove trays. Brush your teeth to remove residual product. Gently clean tray with cool water and a tooth brush and store in tray case. Do not use hot water to clean tray or any other solutions – distortion or damage to the tray will result making tray unusable.

6. Repeat whitening treatment each day – most patients require a whitening process of 2 weeks.

7. Touch –up whitening every 6-12 months or as needed. Usually, a few days of wearing the trays for 1-2 hours, will do for touch-ups. Tip: some patients will touch-up their smile before an important event or party.

Important Notes:

Whitening procedures last for about 1-2 years but may require “touch-ups” to maintain the brightness.

Custom fitted trays reduce tissue trauma and irritation.

Keep whitening gel and trays out of direct heat or sunlight. Do not freeze gel.

Tooth fillings and crowns do not respond to tooth whitening-you may need new restorations placed if they no longer match after the whitening process. Before new restorations are placed, wait 3 weeks for the teeth to stabilize in color.

Use only recommended products from your dentist for whitening.

Do not eat or drink foods (e.g. Red wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc.) which cause staining during the entire treatment process; do not use tobacco products during the treatment process. Use of stain causing foods or tobacco may lead to increased staining of teeth.

Do not eat or drink acidic or high sugar containing food during the treatment process. Sensitive teeth may result.

Do not use whitening if you have dental decay or gum disease, unless under supervision of your dentist.

It is recommended that pregnant or lactating women not undergo the whitening process.

Sensitive teeth from whitening: Sensitivity during the treatment process is usually temporary but could last for several days; will stop once you stop the whitening process.

Tips to reduce sensitive teeth:

Reduce or eliminate sensitivity causing foods from the diet during the whitening process and for several days after the procedure.

Reduce the time you are wearing the tray containing the product. If you wear the trays for 2 hours, reduce wear time to 1 hour and see if sensitivity disappears. Try skipping a day of treatment if sensitivity persists. Increased time for the whitening process may result if the trays are worn less often.

If sensitivity is still a problem, we may recommend a lower concentration of whitening product.

Please call our office at 403-234-7400 if you have any concerns.

Whitening results depends on the individual. Bleach until they are white is a rule of thumb. Always monitor for sensitivity and call us if you have any questions.

Some patients with severe yellow or stained teeth from medicine may require longer treatment. Additional product and costs would apply to these patients.

* Click HERE to download instructions as a PDF for printing.

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