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Over 90% of adults will face some form of gum disease. The earliest sign is gums that bleed when you brush or floss prevention = regular scaling appointments.

Digital X-rays can detect early signs of decay (infection) between teeth at 80% less radiation than normal x-rays.

Absence of pain does not always mean there is no problem. Regular check-ups and x-rays can spot trouble before pain and serious infection result pain and infection mean more extensive treatment and costs.

Most fillings need to be replaced when they fail in strength and crack or leak. Fillings must withstand tremendous forces while chewing. Using the recommended strongest materials will ensure less frequent replacement which means less costs and less tooth damage

Having your teeth whitened is a safe and inexpensive way of brightening up your smile.

Porcelain veneers are used to correct chipped, cracked, stained, crooked or malformed teeth. Smile changes can often be done in as little as 2 treatment visits.

Calculus or tartar build-up cannot be cured, only controlled regular cleanings keep decay and gum disease in check.

Replacing failing fillings before pain or infection reoccurs is a part of maintaining a healthy mouth for a lifetime.

Fluoride treatment at regular checkups is a safe and inexpensive insurance to protect your teeth and dental work.

Composites are used for small fillings and Porcelain should be used for larger fillings.

Crowns are recommended to protect teeth that have large fillings or root canals before problems develop.

Early detection of oral cancers caused by tobacco and alcohol use means a greater chance of a successful cure we make head and neck cancer screening a part of your exam.

Undergoing any type of dental treatment carries some risk. Be informed and never hesitate to discuss any concerns you might have about your health and safety.


If you ever have any questions please call us at 403-234-7400

We look forward to assisting you with your dental health.

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