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For Parents

Dr. Koslowsky and his team thank you for entrusting to them the care of your children. Dr. Koslowsky has treated children of all ages for many years. With experience he has developed an approach that has proven to be successful. When children are placed in what they may perceive as an uncomfortable environment, they must be treated with fairness and respect. Dr Koslowsky uses several techniques to treat children, mostly of which include paying utmost attention to their behavior and responses to treatment. In other words, communicating with them constantly to make sure they have a comfortable and fun experience. Dr Koslowsky and his team focus all their attention on your child throughout treatment, and attempt to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to facilitate these efforts, we ask that you as parents understand our requests. This may include having you wait in our comfortable reception area while your child is undergoing treatment. We will review this with you prior to treating your child and ask that you respect this request if it becomes necessary. We have no problem with parents in the treatment room as long as it does not disrupt the treatment of your child. We have found that it is much easier to keep children comfortable if parents are supportive of our efforts and we have experienced much success with this technique. A child will be much more distraught if we ask his/her parents to wait in the waiting room once he/she is already in the treatment room. Your child’s comfort starts with your support in the reception area when we come to escort your child to the treatment room. If we have ANY difficulty treating your child, or we feel your additional cooperation is necessary in the treatment room, we will not hesitate to invite you in. This is at the sole discretion of Dr Koslowsky. If a child is found to be uncooperative, we may refer your child to a specialist. If prior to or during treatment this is found to be necessary, Dr Koslowsky or one of his team members will not hesitate to inform you of this decision.

Initial Exam Appointment

Generally we prefer to make our introduction to your child at an initial exam. This will give us an opportunity to asses the treatment needs of your child and plan appointment times that are of the proper length and duration, so treatment can be performed in an unhurried and relaxed fashion. The examination appointment may include x-rays and serves as an opportunity to plan and discuss with you the treatment options and expected outcome of treatment. We will also be able to determine if any medication is necessary should your child be suffering from infection. If active infection is present due to a toothache or otherwise, we may decide to place your child on antibiotics to alleviate swelling and discomfort prior to treatment. Primary teeth are important to maintain adequate space for the eruption of the permanent teeth, as well as to protect the permanent teeth from damage. Therefore it is imperative to maintain the health of the primary teeth. Sometimes, due to severe infection, extensive breakdown of a tooth, re-infection, or failure of a filling, a tooth may have to be removed. The space that occurs following the removal of a tooth may have to be maintained. Dental fillings placed in a child’s mouth undergo many stresses as baby teeth are lost and new teeth come in, not to mention the damage they may receive from excess sugar ingestion or poor brushing habits. Some fillings may need replacing if deemed unsuitable due to breakdown before a baby tooth is ready to fall out. Not all treatment is successful. Due to the nature of infection (decay), pain and/or swelling may persist, worsen, or develop following dental treatment. The treatment plan may therefore change in order to accommodate your child’s changing dental needs. It is therefore also important for you to help keep your child healthy by encouraging good diet and brushing habits and maintaining regular check-ups.

Emergency Treatment

With respect to dental emergencies we will provide the necessary treatment immediately as determined by our examination of your child. This may involve the prescribing of antibiotics to reduce swelling or infection.

We also feel you must be comfortable with the treatment your child receives. Any recommendations we make for your child will be in their best interest. A child’s behavior can vary from appointment to appointment and so your encouragement as parents is a needed resource. We have treated many children successfully by treating them with care and respect and never forcing treatment on them. We will always recommend what we feel is in the best treatment needs of your children.

If you feel you ever have any concerns, please ask any one of our caring team members or call our office at 403-234-7400.


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